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A Touch of Crazy: The Memoirs of Theodore Roosevelt Gardner II
Publication Date: August 2014
Theodore Gardner loves pretension. And what is more pretentious than writing one's memoirs? Follow Gardner from his run-in in grade school that almost decapitated him to his attempt at writing his own obit. $23.45

Wit’s EndWit's End and Off The Wall
by Theodore Roosevelt Gardner II 

A collection of humorous essays that take on everything from cloning to pregnant cheerleaders, the royal family and politically correct greeting cards. $14.95 and $20
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"Bursting with Gardner's irreverent and outrageous humor... it's a blast."
—Jack Smith in the
Los Angeles Times 


Off the Wall
Momma Baby & Judgie: A Memoir
by Theodore Roosevelt Gardner II 
Through celebration and conflict, weddings and funerals, Gardner recounts his family history with honesty and wit. $25. 
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Momma Baby & Judgie: A Memoir