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The Hermitage Santa Barbara at 20 Photos by Stephen G. Schott, Susan Levin, Robert Haller, Mary Andrews, Marlene Khoury, Nancy Vivrette and Wayne McCall
Text by Theodore Roosevelt Gardner II
The Hermitage Santa Barbara, a whimsical private garden, celebrates its 20th anniversary with this beautiful book featuring more than 500 stunning photographs of the gardens, sculptures and outdoor art. The Hermitage Santa Barbara is not open to the public, but can be seen in this book. $75.
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Available locally at
The Book Den (962-3321) and
Chaucer's Bookstore (682-6787)

"A ten acre wonderland few have ever seen."
The Los Angeles Times

"An elegant book...a tantalizing mystery of art and botanical wonders in Santa Barbara's backyard. An inspiration for gardeners determined to decorate their yards using a personal touch with colorful plants and whimisical art."
The Santa Barbara News Press

The Hermitage Santa Barbara at 20

Lotusland: A Photographic Odyssey
by Theodore Roosevelt Gardner II  
Lotusland, the private garden in Montecito, CA, is one of the most dramatic gardens in the world. This coffee table book eloquently chronicles the gardens and the woman who developed them. $70.
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"Containing by far the most breathtaking photography of any book this season, Lotusland is an exquisitely executed work of art."
—San Diego Union-Tribune 

Lotusland: A Photographic Odyssey

Nature's Kaleidoscope: The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 
Nestled in the foothills of idyllic Santa Barbara, CA, this native plant garden has breathtaking views, majestic redwoods, spectacular wildflowers and much more. $22
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"A photographic tribute to one of California's crown jewels conveying the beauty and diversity of the native plants in the Garden's collection...a lovely book."
—Southern California Gardener

Nature’s Kaleidoscope: The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 

California Gardens
by Winifred Starr Dobyns
California Gardens beautifully documents, through rare and artistic photographic portraits, the development of many of the greatest gardens created in Southern California in the first two decades of the 20th century. $59.
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"A superb collection of black  and white photographs of many of the greatest gardens created in California in the teens and twenties...Photographs are works of art in their own right."
—David Streatfield, author of California Garden: Creating a New Eden 

California Gardens

Southern California Gardens: An Illustrated History
by Victoria Padilla
The prime source book for horticulture historians and landscape preservationists. The only work of its kind,it is a comprehensive and engaging overview of more than two centuries of horticulture. $59 and up, limited quantities available from the publisher.
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"Though written nearly 40 years ago, this gardening classic is anything but dry or dusty...a real page turner."
—Sunset Magazine

Southern California Gardens: An Illustrated History
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